Org Virgin Coconut Oil without deodorizing


Org Virgin Coconut Oil without deodorizing

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Inci: Coco Nucifera Oil - FOOD GRADE
Cas Nº: 8001-31-8

Ingredients: 100% fresh coconut oil Organic.

Origin: Sri Lanka
Certifier: EU, USDA (NOP), JAS, ISO 22000

• (not deodorized)
• (without additives)
• (natural coconut aroma)

Organoleptic profile: Color of white snow. Clear and identifiable presence of temperate coconut smell. Good viscosity, pleasant aroma, balanced, good duration in the mouth, logrolor a coconut. Good viscosity, pleasant aroma, balanced, good duration in the mouth, it can be appreciated clearly and directly

Description: Ecological virgin coconut oil. Extracted by a cold and dry pressing process, which retains as many natural nutrients as possible. It achieves an oil of maximum purity and quality. It has an excellent taste and odor, as well as a very pleasant texture. Quality Control System (FSMS) "Food Safety Management System" ISO 22000: 2005.

Organic ingredients: Only substance, organic fresh coconut oil.

Type of crop: Non-genetically modified and non-pesticidal crops.

Minimum product duration: 24 months.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool place and protected from sunlight.


  • Acidity Index (mg KHO / g): 0.07%
  • Iodine content (g I2 / 100g): 4.18 ± 0.04
  • Saponification Index (mg / KOH g oil): 253.52 ± 0.04
  • Perioxid Index (meq O2.Kg): 0.0 ± 0.04
  • Refraction Index (40 ° C): 1,446 ± 0,04
  • Density g / cm3 (20 ° C): Solid
  • Melting Point ° C: 23-25


  • C-8 (Caprylic): 8
  • C-10 (Capric): 10
  • C-12 (Lauric): 49
  • C-14 (Mirror): 17
  • C-16 (Palmitic): 7
  • C-18 (Stearic): 1
  • C-18: 1 (Oleic): 6
  • C-18: 2 (Linoleic): 2

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Precio con IVA incluido

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